Tasteful because of the right fruit selection and origin

One apple is not like the other. After twenty years of making juice, the Van Kempen family can say in good conscience that they know their way around fruit. They know which oranges from which area taste best, which apple varieties we can combine and when to pick the grapes and tomatoes. This is a matter of knowledge and experience. Your guests will taste this!

Still not decide?

A sample package with 5 different fruit juices. Juices from Van Kempen Fruit juices are really pure. Without withdrawals, without additives. (with the exception of a pinch of sea salt in the tomato juice)

The sample package is composed of the following flavors;
Apple Juice, Red Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Tomato Juice and Apple Pear.

The history of Van Kempen Fruit juices

It is the inside that counts. The Van Kempen family cannot and will not think differently. This was the case when they brought their first apple juice to the market in 1993, and this has not changed to this day. They are all fruit growers with a vast love for Mother Nature and the Dutch soil.

The first apple juice from the fruit growing Van Kempen family was made as a necessity and coincidence. It is 1993. Jan and Lenie are once again surprised by the flavor of the supermarket and catering industry’s apple juice. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the apple juice they sometimes press themselves. When the price of apples drastically falls, they make an attempt to bring their own apple juice to the market.

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